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      A millennium comes by every 100 years. At Millennium China, we have arrived in 2010 to showcase our latest trend for the automotive world of number plates for the Hong Kong market. The Hong Kong Transport Department has approved our aluminium embossed plate and the latest font type that is legal for used on Hong Kong roads.  Our premium quality and unique designed embossed aluminium plate will enhance the overall outlook of your vehicle, the safety aspect and the durability of the plate. Based on European Union transportation authority specifications such German's TUV standard, our very own i plate, is manufactured under the most strigent quality control to ensure that each number plate passed the respective transportation authority requirements including the Transport Department. Should there be a need for security requirements, we are able to embed high security case sensitive materials onto the number plate to suit any country's surveillance and accountability protocols. For corporate, we are able to customised your compary's unique name and logo onto each number plate through our meticulous production process. At the consumers' level, car enthusiasts who wish to personalise their number plate, special messages or texts can be printed onto the casing of the number plates.


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