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        嘉盛企業(香港)有限公司成立於1992年, 位于香港荃灣,專注從事各類五金工具批發的企業。公司產品主要包括門鎖, 水龍頭, 星盆下水, 浴缸下水, 花洒, 濾水器及其他五金配件。產品均擁有我們的註冊品牌KITA, SOBAR, SODUN 及ATLAS, 均暢銷於國內外。自公司成立以來, 一直以良好的質量, 優良的信譽以及用心的服務, 嬴得市場的信任和肯定。        

十多年來我們一直堅持"以品質嬴客戶, 以服務拓市場"的宗旨, 從科技著手, 從人性化的自然理念出發, 緊緊圍繞市場和消費者需求, 不斷引進新思路, 新技術, 新設備, 積極研發新產品, 以更有效地提高總體競爭力和生產力。        


用心制造,用情服務。“制造精品,服務全球”是嘉盛人永不停歇的追求。熱誠歡迎國內外客戶來電來函洽談, 訂購。我們將携手合作,共創輝煌。



嘉盛企業(香港)有限公司地址: 荃灣荃景圍匯利工業中心三樓A室

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Ka Shing Enterprise (H.K.) Limited located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, is a whole selling and trading company of household hardware since 1992.  Our main products include: Door Lock, Sanitary Faucet, Basin sewer, Bathtub sewer, Shower head, and Water Filter product. All of the products have labelled with our own brand: KITA, SOBAR, SODUN and ALTAS, and popular in Hong Kong market, as well as oversea market.For decades more, our company has obtained mutual trust and appreciation in the market by our excellent quality, good reputation and best service.we insisted in a principle of “Quality to win market, service to satisfy customer.” By technology improvement, by natural humanity idea, and by staring on market and customer desire, introducing continually new idea, tech and device, and dedicating on research and development of new items, so that, help to effectively improve our overall competitiveness and productivity.Produce with intentions, service with sentiments. The pursuit of company is “Product with high quality and service for global”. We warmly welcome all clients home and abroad to contact with us, and hope we could establish a better cooperation relationship.

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