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新達高五金塑膠有限公司成立於1994,己取得ISO9001 品質認證的企業, 專業提供各類多元化制品及全方位服務,產品多元化是本公司的強項! 本公司自設廠房在廣東省,面積達20000平方公尺,擁有員工400多人。


新達高五金塑膠有限公司成立於1994,己取得ISO9001 品質認證的企業,專業提供各類多元化制品及全方位服務,產品多元化是本公司的強項! 




‧客人提供的構思,本公司會以最短時間及最經濟實惠的原則為客戶實現‧專業生產各款物料的產品‧ 本公司的產品亦多元化:

l          匙扣l          禮品l          五金塑膠配件l          廣告贈品l          各類陳列架l          各類相架等等 


SUN TAT GO METAL & PLASTIC LTD was found in 1994.We are an ISO9001 certified manufacturer that excels in providing diversified types of accessories and all-round service. Diversification is our strength! Our 100% self-owned factory is located in Gunangdong Province with a total area of 20,000 square meters and more than 400 staffs and workers. 

We aim at providing the highest quality products at the most competitive price to our customers. 


Our production line is highly automatic and computerized. 

This enables us to manufacture many different types of products. 

It also largely reduces the demand on manpower, maintains high quality and improves efficiency. 

Our product types are also highly diversifiedl          Key chainsl          Gift itemsl          Luggage tagsl          Accessoriesl          Advertising premiuml          Display Stands and photo frames etc