1. Cleaning service:
    Some old furniture will see as construction waste! We provide the service to lay your old furniture to the waste pile and just charge this in reasonable.
  2. Restore setup service:
    If your house, shop or office need to reproduce when moving out, we provide the reliability of restore setup service, our cleaning team can perform professional service no matter for new home or office.
  1. Provide the right services for a perfect move.
  2. Reasonabled price.
  3. No tips.
  4. No blare of publicity, we care about your highly recommended.
  5. Friendly and courteous service.
  1. Please recording goods check list, may consider takes the picture comparison and the convenience management and arrangement.
  2. Remove all the hookup and power cords for television, sterio, internet etc. We suggest or client to take note or simply take photo to record how to reconnect all the electric   appliances.
  3. Please make sure to bring all the cash, valuebles belongings, identification documents etc. along with you.
  4. If you have any fragile item, please mark "CARE HANDlE" outside the box, and inform our staff before the transportation.
  5. For the goods which is fragile or valuables, you may consider to buy the insurance by yourself.
  6. You may request address change notice to you bank statement, mobile phone bill, discount card or some insurance letter etc. Hong Kong Observatory
24 hours free quote hotline: 54000882
Email: wonderful_removel@hotmail.com.hk
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