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The speciality of our products

 "Faermi' products are designed and materialized to comply with the slim figures of our clients.  The products can show their functional ability that it can make the client feeling more comfortable specially for the one who are in need of girdling function.Our products are always very popular to the worldwide ladies.


Export business

 Our HK office is the export department of the whole group.  We are an experience exporter.  All our products are surveyed before they are delivered to shippment.  There are three grades for our clients to choose.  They are  including high price  better price and marketing price in order to comply with the clients' need.  All the prices are guaranteed to be fair and acceptable. 


Business of whole sellers and retailers

 All the whole sellers and retailers are welcome to enquire the business to us at any time.


 The wonderfullness of underwears

 "Fearmi" underwears can make your live more comfortablly if you had found them fitting for your size.  Pls. get it after you leave the fitting room and Don't forget  always to keep it clean and fresh.


Kinds of underwears

 There are thousands kinds of underwears in the fashion field. They can comply with the changeable  figures to ladies and offer more fantastic images to them.  The underwears can match up the beauty of your slim body. If you want to do it, first of all you have to  handle the wearing skill and then choose the good fit size for your figure.