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Shuttle Service Agreement and Condition:
1.  Service charges in RMB currency; includes fuel, toll, tunnel and other expenses.  Free pick up shuttle service from airport and hotels.
2.  If service is required  outside of the normal working hours (08:00 - 21:00), there will be a surcharge added to  the service fee ¥ 100 - ¥ 300 RMB. (Charges dependant on the time-frame service is required)
3.  Our company only provides point to point shuttle services.  For any additional pick up points, each stop will require an additional ¥ 50 - ¥ 300 RMB surcharge.
4.  Shuttle service provides 30 minutes of free waiting time; if waiting period exceeds 30 minutes, a minimum charge of our hourly rate ¥200 RMB/HR will be applied.
5.  For transit via Huanggang boarder, all passengers must carry their own luggage through the custom  check-point for any additional travel.. Please understand the inconvenience
6.  If clients travel with L Groups entry visa, clients must exit vehicle and physically present themselves inside of customs office to go through clearance. Clients are expected to carry own luggage.
7. All Service Requests require a 24 hours cancellation. It cancellations are not provided within 24 hours. The deposit will not be returned. If client cancels the service on the same day, the full amount of the service will be applied. In addition, if a driver arrives at a requested location and time, the client does not show up and cannot be contacted, customer will be required to pay the full amount of service.
8.  If customer is delayed because of documents or baggage clearance problems, and the driver is required to wait more than 30 minutes at checkpoints, the waiting time will be applied to the additional service at an hourly rate.
9.  Shuttle service may be required to provide temporary replacement vehicles and drivers as a result of custom clearance issues or traffic congestion in order to ensure customer arrives on time and without incident.
10.  We will inform clients about driver's and vehicle(s) information at 17:00 pm - 18:00 pm the day prior. Every assurance will be made to always ensure the customer's safety and that the client is picked up and dropped off in a timely manner. In the event the vehicle breaks down, a temporary comparable vehicle will be provided with the replacement of the driver if needed. Company is not responsible for traffic congestion or other incidents beyond the driver’s control.  Please understand this inconvenience.