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Safety Guide China Hong Kong Car Rental Co., has a professional service team which includes 24 hour shuttling service between Hong Kong and the Mainland China. Teams travel in cross-border luxury TOYOTA ALPHARD/VELLFIRE which seat 7 comfortably and other vehicles (seat 16 tourist van).  Company provides shuttle services in Hong Kong for the community, individuals, groups, and foreign guests as well as local vendors.  Enjoy this extraordinary service and the cross the border without leaving your vehicle!
Service Area including Hong Kong to Guangdong regional transfers, from Hong Kong to Dongguan; Hong Kong to Shenzhen and to Airport round trip.
Services including car rental between Mainland and Hong Kong, car rental between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, car rental in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, (including crossing the border) tourism chartered buses, business charters, the Hong Kong airport transfer, Shenzhen Airport Transfers and wedding ceremonies.  Arrive on time! Quick, Reliable Service!
The company provides shuttle bus service for 7 in a Toyota luxury vehicle for the community to individuals, groups, foreign guests, and local vendors for travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong . 
Passengers can travel direct from Hong Kong to Guangdong Province (including Shenzhen, Huizhou,  Dongguan, Guangzhou and other places). Not only does Shuttle service save time, but also, passengers can enjoy first-class amenities in a comfortable and safe environment.
The Company has won customer trust from major institutions, foreign enterprises, hotels,
manufacturers and companies. We provide high quality customer service and have a high standard safety driving protocol with 24-hour shuttle service. With highly qualified drivers and communicators fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, you can communicate with us easily and worry-free.  We guarantee satisfaction. In addition to Shuttle service between Hong Kong and Mainland and airport transfers, the company also provides Wedding Car
Service. Shenzhen Ping An Jia Hong Kong Car Rental Co., Ltd vision is to deliver "reliable, safe transportation with an extremely high quality of service to our passengers.
Please note below:
1. above conditions include no traffic jams, no queuing, no holiday peak period, no clearance through customs, and no other unforeseen factors.
2. Please set aside plenty of time for unforeseen circumstances in order to ensure you arrive on time to your destination.
3. We recommend 24 hour advance booking so we can efficiently arrange and facilitate dispatch vehicles to ensure the timely provision of services for you.