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🔷Job Reference 工程項目

Client /Main ContractorJob DescriptionYear
VTC (Term Contract)Repair works in swimming pool, IVE (Chai Wan)2008
VTC (Term Contract)Waterprofing and Re-painting works, 6/F Flat Roof Main Morrison Hill Campus Building2008
VTC (Term Contract)Renovation works on VTC Tower for HQ (2) and ERO Office, IVE (Morrison Hill)2008
VTC (Term Contract)Renovation works in Room 516 & 517 Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory, IVE (Chai Wan)2008
VTC (Term Contract)Tiling Works in 1/F Corridors of Academic Block, IVE (Chai Wan)2008
VTC (Term Contract)Major AA&I Works, Renovation Work at Room 202, 203 & 2042008
VTC (Term Contract)Major AA&I Works, Replacement of Window from 2-3/F2008
Man Kee Construction Co.Bathroom improvement Works for Cho Yiu Chuen Phase II2008
Sing Fat Construction Co., Ltd.Term Contract for Maintenance and Alteration Works for Vocational Training Council2008
ISS EastPoint Proterty Management Ltd.Improvement Work for Roof Garden at Singapore International School2008
Best Vantage Far East Ltd. 2008
Best Vantage Far East Ltd.現代美容 - 旺角柏裕商場12/F - 11/F泥水及防水工程2008
 仲量行 Repairs the existing canopy at President Commercial Centre2007
 Freeform Construction Co., Ltd. Bathroom Improvement Works for Cho Yiu Chuen Phase I 2007 
ISS EastPoint Proterty Management Ltd.  Cyberport - Design and Build for Fit Out Work of Management Office2007 
 VTC Student Swimming Pool, IVE (Chai Wan)2007 
 YMCA Kwai Chung YMCA - Swimming Pool2007 
 Kam Lee Construction Co., Ltd. Kau To Shan - Greenfields2007 
 VTC Renovation Drainage Works to 5/F Male & Female Student Toilet, IVE (Chai Wan)2007 
 新昌 大埔太和村重鋪地台百歲磚2007 
 Syngeries Manangement Ltd. 屯門龍門居 - 翻新及維修太空鐵架2006 
 VTC Re-waterproofing of defective roofing system in 6/F Flat Roof, IVE (Morrison Hill) Main Building2006 
 VTC Renovation Drainage Works to Swimming Pool, Male and Female Changing Room, IVE (Chai Wan) 2006