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The Secret to Our Health is in the Water We Drink
Among all things that we consume, water is the most essential as it makes up 60% to 70% of our body’s compound. About 80% of our blood and more than 90% of our organic cells basically consist of water. Therefore, it is important to realize that our health is affected by the water we drink. However, there are many types or different qualities of water that are available. Certain types of water can be harmful to us while some can be beneficial to our health, aiding in our body functions. A simple glass of good water can actually be the best medicine for our health.
Characteristics of DROPS
In short, DROPS helps us maintain our youth and a healthy body by protecting the cells and DNAs, protecting our body from harmful elements, and improving the body’s immune system and natural healing process.
Ordinary Water VS. DROPS
What Makes DROPS So Important?
How is DROPS Beneficial for Health & Anti-Aging?
DROPS has excellent antioxidant effects - protecting human cells from activated oxygen free radicals by removing them. These oxygen free radicals can cause stress, aging and various diseases such as cancer, diabetes and hypertension. The build-up of active oxygen in our body can be caused by stress, smoking, consumption of alcohol, exposure to ultraviolet rays, radiation and electromagnetic waves, excessive exercise routine, inhalation of carbon monoxide (from vehicle’s exhaust), infection from germs and bacteria, injection of anticancer drugs, etc.
DROPS is excellent at preventing rotting. It prevents abnormal fermentation in the intestines by inhibiting the growth of putrefying bacteria. As such, it strengthens our digestive system.DROPS also keeps the freshness in our food.
DROPS is rich in oxygen. People who consume it will be able to get more oxygen into their bloodstream and gain from a variety of benefits.
DROPS Pi-water also keeps the freshness in our food. The strawberries (on the left) were soaked in e-Drops remain fresh compared to strawberries (on the right)soaked in ordinary tap water.
A Magical Aquarium –where marine fish and fresh water fish can co-exist!
Only Pi-Water can create special living conditions that could allow both marine fish and fresh water fish to live comfortably together.
Is It for You?
DROPS is for EVERYONE who wants to attain and maintain a healthier body, improve their overall health condition, and is recommended for those leading a fast-paced lifestyle.
Are There Any Side Effects?
Basically,DROPS is not a medicine. Therefore, it does not bring about any side effects. Even if consumed more than the recommended dosage, it remains safe and harmless.
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