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Private Transportation Service in Guangdong

We have the dedication and experience to take the hassle out of organizing your itinerary and charter needs by doing it all for you. You provide us your personal itinerary, private charter and / or conference requirements and we will figure out your total transport solution. We will work with you in person until we get it done!Stay away from taxis on the street, it’s tricky and dangerous! Guangdong Private Tour can meet and greet at the airport, ferry or bus terminal. Then take passengers back to hotels, dinners, conference or attractions. Most importantly, our driver can speak English and Chinese, communication is not a problem! We will come out a transport solution up to your specifications.


For those planning to visit Kaiping may use the following ways. Our guide will meet you there:


Guangzhou airport(2Hour drive to Kaiping) Ferry Terminal:Hong Kong international airport ferry terminal to Zhongshan ferry terminal/Duration:70MinsHong Kong international airport ferry terminal to Jiuzhougang ferry terminal(Zhuhai)/Duration:50Mins


China ferry terminal (Hong Kong) to Zhongshan ferry terminal/Duration:1.5 Hour

China ferry terminal (Hong Kong) to Jiangmen ferry terminal/Duration:2.5 HourChina ferry terminal (Hong Kong) to Jiuzhougang ferry terminal(Zhuhai)/Duration:70MinsChina ferry terminal (Hong Kong) to Nansha ferry terminal (Guangzhou)/Duration:80MinsChina ferry terminal (Hong Kong) to Heshan ferry terminal/Duration:3Hour


HongKong-Macau ferry terminal(Hong Kong) to Zhongshan ferry terminal/Duration:1.5Hour

HongKong-Macau ferry terminal(Hong Kong) to Jiuzhougang ferry terminal(Zhuhai)/Duration:70MinsWebsite: Terminal:


Hong Kong international airport to Kaiping Yici bus terminal/Duration:4Hour

Hong Kong downtown to Kaiping Yici bus terminal/Duration:4HourWebsite: